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Brow Bar 101

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Are you ready to step your brow game up? OF COURSE YOU ARE! Your brows are super important to your everyday look. Purchasing this course is not just watching a simple tutorial on Youtube! NO WAY! You are enrolling into an in depth course that will not only demonstrate how to shape and fill your brows, but it will also teach you the theory behind it. Here is my course description:

Module 1:  (3:38) Overview

Module 2: (6:51) Tools and Products

Module 3: (2:34)  Brow Shapes/Name that Brow

Module 4: (4:22) The Measurement

Module 5: (5:33)The Fool Proof Technique

Module 6: (6:31) The Clean up Trick

Module 7: (10:44) The Demonstration


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